Easy Comfort Food.

Easy comfort food for your everyday. That’s our main philosophy behind each product line that we have created.

Our ethos and vision is to make food affordable for all! Our emphasis is on product quality and each item is hand made, with carefully sourced ingredients and contains no preservatives. Packaging is kept simple and basic so that all savings can be passed on to our customers.

Our products are fuss free and quick to serve with a simple reheat or thaw. Every item is cooked and ready to eat. They have all been created to retain the goodness of the ingredients and original flavour of the item even after the freezing and re-heating process.

We have products that are vegetarian friendly and great for kids too! Look out for the symbols indicated on the packaging.

Our Team

Helmed by professionals with more than 10 years experience in the culinary and pastry industry, we are dedicated to create gourmet artisanal products with no compromise on quality. 

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